“...we basically put together the best team in the area to tackle this assignment for Tim Hortons, and Boris, as the only UX resource, was quite effective working on the wireframes....in only 2 months we had more than 300 screens in a wireframes prototype, including specs; a huge effort...on projects like this, with very limited time and constraints; it’s valuable to have Boris on your team. ” 
Dubravko Bundalo 
Project Manager, Microsoft 

“Boris is a highly skilled UX professional; he built the entire CSIS application in a prototyping tool; our business team could see complex workflows without writing a single line of code. With a full prototype, we were able to tackle business issues early on, fix them and iterate more quickly, which resulted in a better quality product” 
Rod Silva 
Project Manager, City of Toronto 

“With Boris on board, our prototypes came earlier, making more iterations possible and cost effective. He produced a large amount of deliverables, indispensable for the project success” 
Mark Townsend 
Business Analyst, TD Canada Trust Financial Group.  

“We started off our Knowledge Centre project with nothing, Boris shaped up the product from both the User Experience and Business goals; he gave us the direction to follow. The final User Interface was a remarkable leap. Our adoption rates increased 35% in two months” 
Cora Stauber 
Project Manager. Information Technology.  Barrick Gold Corporation.  

“We brought Boris on board for a year; as a consultant he came with a fresh, non-biased approach toward our products. Lots of great ideas came out from our sessions with him, as a result, our desktop product became more user-centric; he made us focus on the product, not on the process” 
Henry Hum 
Vice President Product Development. Intercall-Genesys Conferencing.  

“Boris is all about user-centric and adoption strategies, he is an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker who understands very well how to engage the user in any online experience.” 
Jennifer Tracey 
Marketing Vice President. Ornge.  

“Our team, back in October, was segmented in two groups. When Boris came over, he took charge of the second group, distributing tasks and setting the work pace. We could easily reach our deadline target for October 31st, thanks to the high amount of tickets his team resolved. He is definitely somebody I would have on my team for tight deadlines and work under pressure; a team player from day one.” 
Richard Clifford 
Project Manager. AIC Limited. 

“RIM provided us with a huge undertaking. We were in need of designers with speed and cross software skills. Boris brought an outstanding knowledge of the CS3 package: Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop; and a good eye for web design and usability. He quickly understood the scope of our project and became a great addition to our team.” 
Victor Ramirez 
Project Manager.  Maritz Canada. 
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